A Focus on Wellness

It’s a new year — a clean calendar you can look forward to filling with a fresh outlook and fantastic experiences. In light of this, wouldn’t it be incredible to face it as a brand-new you? 

There is simply no more rejuvenating an experience than escaping to a refreshing change of vista, combined with a suite of self-care offerings specifically curated to energize the mind and elevate the spirit. That’s why the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal’s five-star spa offers a full range of incomparable experiences certain to bring you back into balance.

Here’s just some of what you can look forward to when you indulge in a second-to-none wellness  getaway at our beachfront resort.

An Inspiring Environment

You’ll feel your tension melting away the moment you approach our five-star oceanfront escape. We’re located in Los Cabos, at the southern tip of Baja California — nothing short of one of the most stunning spots in the world. It’s perpetually summer here, with mild year-round temperatures and cool ocean breezes. The white-sand beach and sapphire-blue water beckon from one side, while the impressive face of the Pedregal mountain affords a stunning view from the other. Even breathing the rarefied air here has a way of taming tension. 

A Spectacular Spa 

Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal isn’t just a five-star resort. Our spa has also received a five-star rating from the prestigious Forbes Travel Guide three years running, making us one of the few resorts in the world to claim both honors. You can expect truly decadent pampering courtesy of the facility’s expert practitioners. A full range of practices is offered (including skin care treatments, deep-tissue massage, sauna, and detoxifying cleansing), each inspired by natural movements of the sun, sky, and surf, as well as traditional Mexican folk healing. We also use only natural and organic materials, in accordance with helping guests achieve excellent mind-body-soul wellness.   


Pure Baja

Your spa journey begins with a timeless regional practice. Mexican folk healing — known as “curanderismo” — is steeped in tradition. This range of practices still maintains a prominent place in the life of the Mexican people. Luna y Mar honors this tradition. Skilled practitioners use rituals, herbs and healing to address the material, spiritual, and mental realms in order to bring you peace and rest. We warmly invite you to embark upon your spa experience with our welcoming foot cleansing ritual that uses special herbs to purify and prepare you for your spa journey.

The Luna y Mar Experience

The inspiring spirit of Luna y Mar (Moon and Sea) is at the center of our spa philosophy. From the moment you step inside a lagoon of rest and rejuvenation, you’ll tap into the rhythm of the lunar cycle, the tranquil rhythms of the sea, and the natural healing culture of Baja. Ancient healers understood that the phases of The Moon impact the body in very specific ways. So our spa’s signature treatments represent the varying energies of the lunar phases to align you with the rhythms of nature and enhance your well-being. In addition, The Sea (being the source of life) has a powerful therapeutic effect on mind, body and spirit. Our aquatic-based treatments harness the pull of the ocean’s energy, and the healing power of the sea’s elements to restore beauty, health and spirit.

A Feat of Fitness 

Just because you’re enjoying the escape of a lifetime, that doesn’t mean you need to suspend your fitness regimen. Part of anticipating your every need is providing you with the facilities, classes, and guidance you need to maintain your self-care routine. To that end, we offer two pro-grade Laykold® tennis courts, each overlooking the waters of the Sea of Cortez. You can also enjoy an invigorating morning walk or run, a session in our fitness center, or even a private beach yoga class.  

Sound Bowl Meditations 

Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal is always looking for new ways to help our guests unwind. New this year is our Sunset Sound Bowl Meditation beach Yoga classes. Our in-house instructor will lead participants through a series of timeless healing positions, while also incorporating deep and resonant tones on a traditional sound bowl, helping to establish deeper meditation, and a connection to  intention. Participants have described the experience as being akin to “a warm bath” and “a distinct feeling of floating, producing a state of ethereal bliss.”

A Soothing Stay 

Your journey toward tranquility continues as you enter your accommodations. Each room, suite, and villa here features luxury appointments specifically implemented to relax and refresh. Whisper-soft linens adorn the plush blends, and high-end extras include rainfall showerheads, deep soaking tubs, and premium toiletries. You’re also always welcome to make use of your private plunge pool, complete with breathtaking beach views. You’ll feel completely at ease here even if you were to never venture to the beach, spa, or away from your suite. 

The expert team at Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal is ready to welcome you to your stress-free escape. Book your getaway now, and let the unforgettable unwinding begin.