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Les Clefs d’Or Pan-American Congress

The 19th Pan-American Congress of Les Clefs d’Or is a major international conference for concierges around the world. The term Clef d’Or translates as “Golden Key,” and applies to an international elite network of hotel concierges around the world. We were honored to send several concierges from The Resort at Pedregal to Montreal for the conference. They had a unique opportunity to mingle with the world’s best concierges, develop their craft, and explore the host city.

Two of our concierges, Ricardo and Marina, shared their experience at the conference with us.

Ricardo Rico

This was my second Pan American Congress, but still you feel nervous, and you get goosebumps. I traveled with a fellow concierge from a different resort here in Los Cabos, and we met with Hope, a concierge from Argentina, that we met in Mendoza, Argentina last year, in JFK on our lay over to Montreal. That was a great surprise that made our experience of meeting people from exotic parts of the continent start a few hours early. We were greeted by our host at the airport and sent to the hotel in downtown. Arriving at the hotel, being welcomed, registered, and provided with an amenity bag, like we have seen and done many times in our hotel, added to the memories. It was our time to get pampered! From the airport, we started talking, meeting concierges, and giving warm hugs to old friends we hadn’t seen in months or even years.

Aside from meeting concierges from all over the country, our assembly and educational seminars were the priority. The organizers spent a great amount of energy to have the right speakers. We learned about the culture and history of Montreal and other American countries, as well. We exchanged business cards and experiences. We made friends! And for people from Los Cabos, it was really nice to dress up a bit in business suits.

Saying goodbye is always hard. You share so much and meet wonderful people. That’s the down side, but you can always hope you will see them again in the next congress. I motivate my colleagues to participate in all the congresses they can because that is where strangers become friends, and friends become brothers and sisters!

Marina Masclef

It was my first Congress, and I felt the excitement from the moment I shared the decision to attend it with my colleagues. They were so happy that I was going to Montreal. I was full of good vibes.

Eleven concierges from Mexico, including five from Los Cabos, represented the country.  I felt so proud, even though I am not Mexican.  We were ambassadors from this amazing country, from Los Cabos, and, of course, from The Resort at Pedregal.

The first morning, at breakfast, I met Maria Jose from Argentina, my compatriot.  From that moment, the representatives from both counties were together all the time.  We attended events, such as: cocktails, dinners, educational seminars, conferences, trades shows, cultural tours, meetings, and more.  The experience was so enriching. We met concierges from all over the continent, exchanged experiences, and enlarged our network.  A total of 280 concierges participated in the congress, and it was a huge effort from the organizing committee.

I left Canada full of knowledge, ideas, experiences, connections, and new friends.  I cannot wait to attend the next Congress.


The next time you stay at The Resort at Pedregal, meet Marina, Ricardo, and our other expert concierges. They’ll share their world-class concierge expertise, and you’ll see why The Resort at Pedregal is internationally renowned for excellent hospitality.

Marina Masclef and Ricardo Rico at the 19th Pan American Congress on behalf of The Resort at Pedregal