Discover AlmArte at Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal

The Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal resort is located in one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Situated at the southernmost shore of Mexico’s Baja California, our getaway enjoys perfect weather, white-sand beaches, and a beautiful mountain backdrop that makes for a truly picture-perfect experience any time of year.

Because we are surrounded by natural beauty, we’ve always had an appreciation for that which catches the eye and touches the heart. This is just one of the many reasons we established AlmArte, our in-resort art boutique. AlmArte has long offered our guests breathtaking handcrafted art created by skilled, renowned artists, as well as art-inspired fashions from some of the world’s most exclusive designers.

Recently, AlmArte was moved to a new location within the property, one which will better serve our guests’ appreciation for the finest things. Read on for a look inside the new AlmArte.

The AlmArte Experience 

When we set out to make a space for art within the resort, we knew we wanted to create something truly special — a gallery-like space that would enhance the guest experience and offer incredible objets d’art, exquisite clothing, and memorable items that would let visitors take home a piece of Pedregal. We began assembling a curated collection of pieces from local, regional, and international artisans in order to offer our guests the incomparable, the unexpected, and the evocative.

Beauty in Abundance

We source pieces from Mexican artists who capture the vibrancy and soul of the country. This includes exceptional blown glass from Guadalajaran artisans whose techniques have been passed down through centuries, sterling silver jewelry and accessories from famous silversmithing families who have been honing their skills for generations, and handmade works from award-winning creators. Everything you’ll find here is a conversation starter.   

Visual Splendor 

In addition, we sought to curate paintings from artists whose work was rooted in Mexican culture — living reflections of the people, land, traditions, and expressions of the region. Every painting is an original work, singular and not reproduced. Whether selecting a notebook or bookmark as a keepsake, or sourcing a space-defining triptych that will add undeniable color and energy to any area of the home, guests who select art from AlmArte can be assured that the pieces that speak to them will remain theirs to cherish. We also feature many pieces in notable regional styles such as Nayarit’s arte huchol, fine hand embroidery from Oaxaca, and Michoacan pottery.

Wear Your Art on Your Sleeve

As an accompaniment to the more home-decor-focused items available at AlmArte, guests can also choose from a deep selection of splendid designer clothing items. Our team works with a range of top designers in order to offer items you simply won’t find anywhere else. Many items are handmade and one-of-a-kind. Among our racks, you’ll find pieces from designers and houses such as Melissa Odabash, Anna Kosturova, Pitusa, Lem Lem, Camilla, Banana Moon, Miss June, Star Mela, Rivieras, Kaanas, and many more.  

Accessorize and Accentuate

AlmArte also features an incredible selection of personal accessories. Whether you choose a hand-tooled leather luggage tag, a designer bangle assortment with matching earrings, cashmere scarf, artisan necklace, hand-beaded bag, signature swimwear, souvenir, or gift, you can be sure you’re opting for truly world-class items you’d be hard-pressed to hunt down in any other corner of the globe. AlmArte’s buyers understand that our guests are only interested in the truly elegant and stock the space with nothing but remarkable items.   

Living Memorably

At Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal, we understand that you come to our corner of Mexico to create lifelong memories. And as you take in the special touches we’ve woven into your experience, you may find items that particularly speak to you. As such, we’ve made many of these pieces available at AlmArte. Place settings and dinnerware from our exquisite restaurants and elements of the exquisite decor found throughout the resort are just some of the pieces you’ll be able to bring home with you. 

Enhanced Prominence

AlmArte is just one facet of the overall Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal adventure, but our guests have let us know it’s one of their favorites. Therefore, we’ve taken some time to relocate the boutique to a location within the resort that we feel will better serve the desires of our visitors. In doing so, we have also reimagined the space and expanded and enhanced the selection to more accurately reflect the types of pieces our guests have told us they’d like to see more of. So we’re looking forward to welcoming you back to the all-new AlmArte on your next visit — and we hope you’ll enjoy the update as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.