Greeting More Green Practices at The Resort at Pedregal

Continuing our quest to give back to the environment, The Resort at Pedregal is pleased to announce the addition of new eco-friendly measures. Coupled with the re-opening of our property, we are introducing the following practices at our green resort in Cabo San Lucas.


Hotel Features

  • Our Pool Efficiency Project included renovations of three buildings and 24 of our plunge pools. This process consisted of constructing one big cistern and using only three high-efficiency variable speed pumps (saving up to 50% energy), three electrical heaters and three gas heaters to heat the water for each plunge pool. Before the renovation, each plunge pool had its own electrical heater and pump. So far, we have used this process in renovating six buildings at the resort. We will continue next year with three additional buildings and 24 more plunge pools.
  • Installation of a high-efficiency gas heater in the pool at the Luna y Mar Spa.
  • Added a new recirculation process to our two new waterfalls, passing water through our desalination plant.



  • The resort’s authentic Cabo San Lucas architecture and landscaping utilizes a number of native desert plants, which require minimal watering. These include Pitahaya, Carisa, Cardon, Bird of Paradise, Blue Agave, Agave Variegata, Aloe, Green Biznaga and Palms.


Food & Beverage

  • The El Farallon menu changes nightly as we wait to see what has been caught fresh overnight to prepare that evening’s selection. We truly embrace the ‘ocean to table’ concept!
  • Our culinary team maintains a very close relationship with local organic markets Miraflores, Tamarindos, and Flora Farms. We partner with Carrizal, a local farm that produces organic chicken and eggs.
  • We use organic honey, produced locally in season.
  • We also practice sustainable fishing, using a collection of certified farms and fish providers to obtain Parrot Fish, Mahi Mahi, and more.
  • In addition to our vegetarian menus, we also serve smoothies and juices based on the phases of the moon, designed to purify, nourish, and build your system.
  • When possible, the team uses fresh herbs and peppers from the chef’s on-property garden.


A/C Sensors

  • Each of our rooms’ terrace doors now features a sensor that automatically shuts off the cold water valve in the room when the guest leaves the door ajar. This reduces energy use and helps minimize condensation.



  • We saved water and electricity by replacing one of our primary washing machines with a larger-capacity machine. This allows us to run fewer loads of laundry each day.
  • We replaced our Perchloroethylene-based (PERC) dry-cleaning machine with a new water-based machine that is in full compliance with international environmental standards.



  • Now several years old, our recycling program trains all our employees on the proper process of classifying trash in our service areas and back of the house. Our recycling house, where we separate glass, cardboard, plastic and paper, was built with special materials from the hotel. Materials used include:Walls made of adobe – a mix of red clay, sand, lime and alfalfa.
    • A main door made with recycled irrigation hoses thrown away by regional farms.
    • A waterproof protective coat made with used cooking oil from our kitchens.
    • Vegetable sacks (normally used to carry oranges and potatoes) filled with adobe, used for the structure.


We can’t wait to welcome you to The Resort at Pedregal to show you the strides we’ve made toward creating an eco-friendly resort in Cabo San Lucas!