Donate to the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation

The Los Cabos Children’s Foundation is committed to the mission of providing comprehensive and professional cancer care to every child in the Baja California area. The foundation was started as a solution to the lack of local care in the Baja area, and matched patients with US hospitals who could better support and supply their treatment options. Now, with the help from donations and grants, the LCCF is able to treat cancer patients locally with the cooperation between the Baja California government and the non-profit community to form an on-site care center for cancer treatment and general health.

Upon booking our Luxploration package, you’ll receive a Sustain coffee cup, designed and hand painted by local Baja artists. Plus we’ll donate $5 in your name to the Los Cabos Children’s Foundation. So while you’re enjoying your Los Cabos getaway, you’ll also be contributing to a good cause in the Baja community which supports  over 25 programs, funding research for the most critical health issues facing children today, and providing crucial access to basic care in the Baja California area.

To learn more or donate to the foundation, click here to visit their website.