Mole Enchiladas Recipe: The Resort at Pedregal-Style

Mexicans celebrate their country’s Independence Day with fireworks, parties (fiestas), food (of course), dance and music on September 16th. Flags, flowers, and decorations in the colors of the Mexican flag – red, white and green – are seen in public areas in cities and towns in Mexico. Whistles and horns are blown and confetti is thrown to celebrate this festive occasion. “Viva Mexico” is shouted amidst the crowds on this day.

In Mexico, rich mole poblano is a celebratory dish, often made for special occasions. Learn how to cook traditional Mexican mole enchiladas.

Mole is a term covering many different sauces in Mexico, but it’s mole poblano—a thick and savory chili and chocolate sauce from the state of Puebla—that’s most synonymous with “mole” around the world. This is a sauce usually includes twenty or more ingredients, many requiring their own preparation, and the whole thing takes many hours to fully complete.


For the mole:


  • Guajillo chile                         2 pcs (save the seeds)
  • Ancho chile                            2 pcs (save the seeds)
  • Mulato chile                           2 pcs (save the seeds)
  • Tomatoes                               5 pcs
  • White onion                           1 pcs
  • Garlic                                      2 cloves
  • Cloves                                     2 pcs
  • Black raisins                         ½ small cup
  • Almond                                  ¼ cup
  • Black peppercorn                 3 pcs
  • Tortilla                                    1 pcs
  • Avocado leave                     ½ pcs
  • Peanuts                                 ¼ cup
  • Green tomatillo                    3 pcs
  • Pecan nuts                            ¼ cup
  • Chicken stock                       1 ½ cup
  • Chocolate                              ½ cup
  • White bread                            1 pc
  • Cinnamon                             ½ pc
  • Fried plantain                      ½ pc
  • Anis                                        ½ pc
  • Chocolate                                6 oz



1.- Burn or toast all ingredients over an open flame.

2.-Burn the seeds of the chiles until they get black.

3.- Place all the ingredients in a bowl with cold water to take the bitterness out of the burn ingredients and let it rest for 45 min.

4.- Put all the ingredients in a pot and cook on medium temperature for 40 minutes.

5.- Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth.

6.- Refried the mole and season with salt.


For the enchiladas: 

Ingredients (1 order)

  • Corn tortillas                         4 pcs
  • Black Mole                              1 cup
  • Fresh panela cheese             2 tbsp
  • Sour cream                             1 tbsp
  • Lettuce                                    4 tbsp
  • Red onion                               1 tbsp
  • Avocado                                  ½ pc
  • Radish                                       1 pc
  • Corn oil                                    1 tsp
  • Meat or chicken (grilled)     1 cup



  1. Preheat a pan in medium temperature, add the oil and refried the tortillas for 3 seconds per side.
  2. Stuffed the tortillas with meat or chicken and wrap.
  3. Cover with the mole.
  4. Serve in a plate and décor with the rest of the ingredients.