Stories of Pedregal: Patricia’s Story

Patricia Carreon possesses an innate ability to create harmony within the human body and mind, a lifelong gift that she generously shares with guests at The Resort at Pedregal. As a curandera at Luna y Mar Spa, Patricia provides a revitalizing experience that draws on the rich history and ancient traditions of Mexican folk healing.

Even as a child Patricia had the unique capacity to fully absorb her surroundings and sense the inner workings of those around here. Recognizing this strong intuition, she went on to pursue metaphysical and energy work studies and trainings, in addition to an education in physical therapy. Later in life she learned that her grandmother was a healer and a clairvoyant with a lineage of the Yaquis and Guacara, two cultures that celebrated the cherished practice of Mexican folk healing. This newfound knowledge of her heritage emboldened Patricia with even more confidence to follow her natural-born abilities as a curandera.

During healing sessions at Luna Y Mar Spa, Patricia provides a consultation for a completely customized experience. Her transcendent talents make it possible for her to connect with clients at our spa in Cabo San Lucas on a physical, energetic, and emotional level.

Curandera Patricia of Luna y Mar Spa at The Resort at Pedregal