Romance Week 2017 at The Resort at Pedregal

Intimate Epicurean Events & Specialty Cooking Classes.

Here is a little bit of what happened at The Resort at Pedregal during our Special Culinary Event: Romance Week. Featuring specialty menus curated by guest chefs, cocktails crafted by master mixologists, and romantic cooking classes and culinary events. Special five-day food and drink experience, designed to delight the senses and rekindle the romance.

Under the direction of Executive Chef Gustavo Pinet and guest Sonya Cote, this enticing culinary experience showcased how to prepare classic ceviche recipes derived from a variety of Mexican coastal cities. Along with our internationally-recognized chef and mixologists invited for their creativity in menu and cocktail crafting.

To finalize this special week our guest chocolatier Luis Robledo Richards hosted an exclusive chocolate-making class for couples including Port wine pairings and an intimate ambiance, setting the scene for a delightfully romantic evening.

Take a look at our Romance Week at The Resort at Pedregal: