The Best Hidden Beaches in Los Cabos

There are countless reasons to visit Cabo San Lucas. If you ask any two visitors who find their way to our little slice of paradise why they came, you’ll get a variety of answers. However, the beaches in this part of the world remain one of the biggest reasons travelers seek their escape here — and for good reason. Miles of white sand and the warm blue waters of the Sea of Cortez and Pacific Ocean make this one of the world’s best beach destinations. Of course, there are some stretches of oceanfront that are more popular than others, meaning some of the best sunny hideaways remain nearly untouched. And what better way to socially distance than to head for a spot where you’re likely to have a beach all to yourself? 

Take a look at some of our favorite secluded beaches in Los Cabos.

Cabo Pulmo: Cabo Pulmo is home to not just miles of picturesque beach, but also abundant marine life. So much so that famed oceanographer Jacques Cousteau called this habitat “the aquarium of the world.” If you come, be sure to pack your snorkel — Cabo Pulmo is home to the oldest and largest coral reef in North America. 

East Cape: Taking a scenic drive northeast out of San José Del Cabo will bring you to East Cape, as well as dozens of beaches that rarely see any visitors. Some of the waters off of these beaches are popular with local fishermen, but vacationers largely haven’t discovered most of East Cape’s most picturesque beaches. 

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Los Barriles: The beaches of Los Barriles are home to harmless, algae-eating whale sharks, the native brown pelican, and many local fishermen who offer charter trips. During some times of the year, visitors will see the twin blue bodies of water and sky dotted with colorful windsurfers and sailboarders. But these seasonal sports tend to taper off in spring, leaving the beaches free for adventure-seekers of other stripes.   

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Nine Palms: Often called “the heart of the East Cape,” Nine Palms is another underrated treasure. Nine Palms has legendarily stunning sunrises and is a hidden gem sought out by surfers who prefer morning wave-riding. But surfing here is largely seasonal, and most boarders clear out well before noon even during peak times of the year.   

La Ventana: La Ventana beach is situated near a small inland fishing village that shares its name. Thanks to steady seasonal winds during the still-warm winter months, La Ventana beach has become a kitesurfing hotspot. Still, it’s typically not at all busy during the other seasons, meaning it’s the perfect place to get away from it all.  

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Todos Santos: Long a popular spot for local and traveling artists who find inspiration in the breathtaking views, Todos Santos is home to many popular art galleries featuring depictions of the local mountains and coastline. And because it’s such a famously beautiful area, you can bet its beaches are some of the most gorgeous in the world. Discover them and get an eyeful for yourself.