The Best Time to Visit: Guide to Los Cabos Weather

Now that you’ve read all about the Los Cabos’ amazing dining scene and shopping scene — you’re probably wondering when to visit. The festive winter season? Springtime, during the festival of San Jose del Cabo? To help you make this challenging decision, here’s a breakdown of the weather you can expect throughout the year.


Spring is arguably the best time of year for a Cabo visit, weather-wise. Temperatures range in the high sixties and seventies, occasionally rising into the low eighties — making for weather that is described as pleasant and comfortable, but never hot or oppressive. Additionally, skies are at their clearest in April and May, and the entire season brings less precipitation and rainfall than any other season, along with minimal humidity.


As the dog days of summer set in, the weather becomes hot, but not stifling — ideal for trying out some of the watersports throughout the area. Temperatures vary between the mid seventies and low nineties, and skies start our clear, although they temporarily reach their cloudiest of the year during August. If you’re thinking of heading to Cabo Pulmo or Isla Espiritu Santo, this is a great time to visit.


Autumn usually sees less visitors to the area. You’ll find seventy and eighty-degree averages, alternatingly clear and cloudy skies, and a higher chance of daily precipitation, with up to two-and-a-half inches of monthly rain. September is the most humid month of the year, seeing 99% humidity during the night, as well as the daytime.


Winter is a great time of year to visit Los Cabos. On average, this season sees clear skies and very little precipitation, making it an excellent destination for escaping the cold. The average temperature hovers around 70 degrees from December to the end of February, meaning you won’t be too hot either.

Plan Your Visit

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