Mexican Recipes & Cooking Classes

Culinary Program at Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal

Take home the flavors and traditions of Mexico when you take one of our unique cooking classes or participate in a tequila or wine tasting. Discover traditional Mexican recipes and how to make amazing craft cocktails at Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal.

Cooking Class

Choose from the one-hour classes below and learn about indigenous ingredients and how they are brought to life in traditional Mexican cuisine. Classes include lunch.

● Private Class ($85 per person, not including taxes and a service charge).

CEVICHES: Enjoy the squeeze of citrus and the delectable taste of fish, fresh from the ocean. In this class, you’ll learn how to prepare classic regional ceviches from various coastal cities in Mexico.

SALSAS: One of the most authentic elements in our Mexican Cuisine is a good Salsa, the perfect way to enhance the flavor of your meal and add it a spicy-hot flavor. Learn how to prepare salsas base don fresh and sundried chiles.

Wine Tasting

Mexican Wine Tasting

Our region of Mexico is remarkable for its vineyards. In fact, winemaking in Mexico dates back to the arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century. The time is ripe to learn more, so join our Sommelier to taste and learn about Mexican wines. We’ll even guide you through and exclusive tour of our Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal Wine Cellar.

● Mexican Wine Tasting ($90 per person, not including taxes and a service charge)

Champagne Experience

Join us for this effervescent event, which reveals just how unique and extraordinary champagne-making can be. You’ll taste different styles of champagne and learn how makers throughout history have brought their perfectly bubbly creations to life.

● Champagne Experience ($135 per person, not including taxes and a service charge)

Wine Tasting Around the World

Consider this class your exclusive passport. You’ll enjoy a world of flavor as we walk you through wines from nearly every corner of the globe. Learn about their regions, as well as their vibrant flavor profiles. Of course, there is plenty of sipping along the way.

● Wine Tasting Around the World ($150 per person, not including taxes and a service charge)

Cocktail Class

Join our Bar team at Don Manuel’s Bar. Craft Cocktail Class is an entertaining, hands-on demonstration and coaching of techniques to prepare flavorful, well balanced craft cocktails. You will be shown the exact, step-by-step method to create your favorite drink recipes. Includes cocktail tastings and snack. All class sizes are kept small, usually between 4 to 6 guests, due to the nature of our classes.

● Private Cocktail Class ($95 per person, not including taxes and a service charge): Private classes can be arranged throughout the week.

Agave Tasting

Agave Experience 

The real taste of Mexican culture, with all of agave spirits to explore, each with its own unique style. You will have the opportunity to try one Tequila, Mezcal, Raicilla, Bacanora and Sotol from our selection: Casa Dragones Blanco, Koch Tobalá, Raicilla La Venenosa Tigre, Bacanora Mujer de Piedra, Hacienda Sotol

● Agave Experience ($95 per person, not including taxes and a service charge)


Mezcal plays a big role in the culture of Oaxaca. It’s more than just something to drink; it’s almost a family member and a part of heritage. There are many factors that go into a mezcal’s flavor profile, such as terroir, agave species, and how the mezcalero chooses to cook, ferment, and distill the agaves.

● Mezcaleando ($125 per person, not including taxes and a service charge):


As with fine wine, quality tequila is a drink to be savored like cognac or brandy.  A quality tequila does not need lime and salt, which dull the flavor, but benefits instead from cinnamon and orange, which enhance it. Tequila tasting combines various small but important details to make the flavor pop in your palate.

● Tequileando ($95 per person, not including taxes and a service charge):

Once in a Life Time 

Take an immersive journey through Mexico’s most traditional spirit. This ultra-premium experience is specially for those interested in discovering the finest quality tequilas and mezcals. Our experts will guide you through the nuanced flavors and the regions they come from. Savor every sip, and also treat your palate to artisanal cheese, homemade flavored salts, seasonal fruits and chocolates. You will have the opportunity to try our premium selection as Casa Dragones Joven, Rey Sol, Tres-Cuatro-Cinco, Clase Azul Ultra and Beneva Tio Pablo

● Once in a Life Time ($225per person, not including taxes and a service charge):

Prices are quoted in US Dollars and are subject to 15% Service Charge and 16% Federal Tax

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