Couples massage

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Romance  & Couples

Couples Massage

For an extended experience, the couple´s suites can be booked for a fee of $175 per hour. Each suite has a private outdoor pool, indoor jacuzzi and shower.

Romance  & Couples

Massage on the Beach

Star Bathing, Sea side Massage- enjoy the ultimate beach massage, connect with nature in the fresh outdoors while soaking in Cabo’s warm nights and find peace under the quiet starlit sky. Choose the treatment of your preference from the Spa Menu and enjoy this unique experience, for an additional fee of $175. Contact your personal concierge for reservation call the spa at ext. 5300.

Romance  & Couples

Dinner on the Beach

Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal can create a romantic dinner on the beach for two, or a larger private event in our suites and Casa Bella Vista. Our culinary team will work with you to create a custom menu featuring your favorite dishes and personalized service that your guests will not soon forget. For more information, please call Selene Sotomayor at +52 6241634300 x 5154.

Romance  & Couples

Vow Renewal

Romantic Destination Wedding for Two- Escape for a romantic wedding on the beach for just the two of you! This intimate Cabo San Lucas wedding includes everything you could dream of to make your special day perfect. Our “Memories at Pedregal” Wedding and Romance Specialist will take care of every detail to make your wedding and honeymoon the most memorable day of your life. For more information on this wedding for two, call our celebration specialist at (877) 247-6688.

Romance  & Couples


Whether it’s a romantic elopement with just the two of you or as many as 100 guests, the organic beauty and soft warmth of the golden beach couples with resplendent ocean views and gentle sea breezes for a naturally exquisite ceremony. (Beach ceremonies are subject to weather and surf conditions.)

Romance  & Couples


Begin your life together nestled in soaring cliffs, with stars sparkling in the clear Mexican sky, the moon gleaming on the Baja coastline, and waves breaking on the pristine shore. Romance, elegance, and awe-inspiring beauty infuse every aspect of your luxurious honeymoon at Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal. Let us shape your honeymoon your way, or choose from an assortment of packages and experiences.

Romance  & Couples

Soak Bath

Be one with the sea during this smoothing seaweed bath with sea salts and body oil. Seaweed is full of humectants that draw in moisture from the environment, and vitamin E.

Romance  & Couples

Rooftop Dinner

Sumptuous five course menu, solo violinist and one of a kind location. $1,500 usd dollars per couple, please reserve 24 hours in advance.