An Inspired Spa Resort in Cabo San Lucas

Look and Feel Your Best at Waldorf Astoria Spa

The Moon

The different energies, phases & qualities of the moon impact the body in very specific ways. Waldorf Astoria Spa's six signature treatments represent these varying energies of the lunar phases and its connection to earth, to align you with the rhythms of nature for your enhanced well-being at our spa resort in Cabo.

The Sea

The Ocean is the source of life, and it has a powerful therapeutic effect on mind, body, and spirit. Our aquatic and sea based treatments harness the pull of the ocean’s energy, and the healing power of the sea, to restore beauty, health, and spirit. Ingredients such as 100% certified organic seaweed and pure algae extracts are hand-harvested from some of the cleanest waters on the planet.

Authentic Baja

Mexican folk healing is known as “curanderismo”. Steeped in tradition, it still maintains a prominent place in the life of the Mexican people. Waldorf Astoria Spa, a luxury choice among Cabo San Lucas spa resorts, honors this tradition with our spa guardian, using rituals, herbs, and healing to address the material, spiritual, and mental realms. We warmly invite you to begin your spa experience with our welcome foot cleansing ritual using special herbs to purify and prepare you for your spa journey.

Waldorf Astoria Spa's Creators

Waldorf Astoria Spa, a Los Cabos spa created by Sylvia Sepelli, an illustrious spa designer, and whose name in Spanish means moon and sea, has a distinctive approach to wellness and beauty.  Waldorf Astoria Spa's inspiration comes from three central themes - The Moon, The Sea, and Mexican Folk Healing.