From breathtaking views to indulgent experiences, join us in embracing the spirit of the season as we bid farewell to the old and welcome the new. As the sun sets on another remarkable year, partake in traditions like no other – an enchanting journey into the heart of our Pedregal Legacy.

Toast to Unforgettable Memories

There’s no experience quite like raising a toast to the new year with a glass of sparkling champagne. Each year, the Waldorf Astoria family unites for a remarkable journey into the heart of celebration at our New Year’s Eve Gala—a tradition steeped in elegance and festivity. Step into a transcendent cocktail reception, where heritage meets an authentic Mexican ambience, carefully crafted to uplift your spirits. In the paradisiacal setting of Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal, let’s usher in the new year with a toast to good health, peace, and boundless happiness. This exceptional experience is not just an event, it’s a custom of creating truly unforgettable memories, ensuring that the spirit of celebration lingers long into the year ahead.

Las Doce Uvas de la Suerte

Savor the sweetness of good fortune at Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal’s Extravaganza Celebration after dark at Don Manuel’s. As the clock strikes midnight, elevate your experience by indulging in the finest wines, making each sip a toast to the Mexican tradition of ‘Las doce uvas de la suerte’, or the 12 grapes of luck. Our celebration is not just about the countdown, it’s a symphony of flavors. Here, we turn every grape into a moment of luxury, ensuring your New Year begins with prosperity and joy. With vintages to suit every discerning palate, our collection extends to an impeccable array of Champagnes, making us a haven for enthusiasts seeking the finest labels in Mexico. Let the exquisite taste linger on your palate, symbolizing the sweet beginning of a new chapter.

Late-Night Feasts

As midnight approaches in Mexico, a cherished tradition unfolds—a spectacular display of fireworks meant to dispel evil spirits and beckon good luck for the coming year. After indulging in freshly caught crabs, Baja clams, and oysters, accompanied by a Champagne pairing of Oysters & Caviar at El Farallon, take in the enchanting spectacle of our dazzling fireworks display. Illuminating the Los Cabos sky, the festivities continue with a vibrant New Year’s Eve party at Don Manuel’s. It’s a night of extravagance, celebrating life, bidding farewell to the passing year, and eagerly welcoming the excitement of the year to come. In this collective celebration, we find unity and optimism, a shared spirit that transcends the passing of time.

Out with the old and in with the new

Welcome the new with open arms as you embrace the Mexican New Year’s rituals for fresh beginnings and renewal at our unforgettable Extravaganza Celebration, after dark. Dance for hours beneath the starlit sky to live entertainment filled with soulful melodies and upbeat rhythms, creating a night of joy and laughter. Each year, this timeless tradition in paradise invites you back to the magic of live music, mesmerizing fireworks, and the indulgence of exquisite wines. It’s a ritual that transcends time, encouraging you to embrace each new year with renewed hope and the anticipation of a brighter future.

Ring in 2024 at one of Mexico’s Top Resorts

Year after year, Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal takes pride in delivering unmatched service and crafting unforgettable experiences for our cherished guests. More than a resort, our haven is your private sanctuary — a place to escape, immerse in paradise, and bask in the authenticity of Waldorf service. Your stay is destined to become a lasting memory. Join us to be part of the growing Pedregal legacy, where exceptional offerings await. Rate your all-time favorite travel experiences of the year in Travel and Leisure’s 2024 Readers’ Choice Awards Survey and be entered to win a $15,000 USD cash prize, courtesy of T+L. The perfect way to celebrate a new year ahead.



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