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A Refined Haven Awaits

Your Private Escape From It All

Enter through Mexico’s only private tunnel and emerge into a world of authenticity, one designed to anticipate your every need, delight the senses, and foster a deep connection with the natural surroundings. More than a resort, Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal is an immersive experience that celebrates the heritage of Mexican culture and cuisine, nestled between the cliffside and the brilliant blue Pacific Ocean. Leave your cares behind and unforgettable memories while relishing the privacy of your own spacious room, suite, villa, accommodation casita or private home, each with a private plunge pool and ocean views to calm and inspire you.


An Experience Rooted in Place & Heritage

Thoughtfully elevating flavors of Mexico, our iconic destination restaurants offer gourmet experiences and true Waldorf service surrounded by the beauty of the desert and sea. Enjoy legendary culinary experiences helmed by Executive Chef Gustavo Pinet, who sources the freshest ingredients from Baja California to the Yucatan. Indulge in the the seaside El Farallon to Don Manuel’s, find the best restaurants in Los Cabos in one iconic location at Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal.

El farallon

Listen to the waves crash below while enjoying your favorite champagne and making your selection from the ocean-to-table menu featuring the daily bounty from local fishermen, prepared by Executive Chef Gustavo Pinet.

Don manuel’s

Experience the timeless flavors of Mexico in a cozy traditional kitchen and airy hacienda setting that evolves throughout the day to offer eclectic dishes and the highest quality regional ingredients, highlighted by a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Robb report´s culinary masters
Robb Report´s Culinary Masters

Join Robb Report and an incredible lineup of the culinary world’s Michelin-starred luminaries as we introduce our annual Culinary Masters experience to the paradise of
Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal.

Culinary weekend series 2022
Culinary Weekend Series 2022
Culinary Weekend

Join us for our annual Culinary Weekend Series, where some of the world’s most renowned Chefs collaborate with the resort’s culinary team under the leadership of Executive Chef Gustavo Pinet.

Travesía at su cocina
Travesía at Su Cocina

Travesía features an array of well-prepared dishes from established chefs who strive to highlight the essence and dynamism of Mexican cuisine. Acknowledging the popularity and growing ubiquity of Mexico’s beloved taco, we set out to celebrate the regions responsible for the delectable ingredients that both form and enhance the taco experience.

Agave study at peacock alley
Agave Study at Peacock Alley

Discover a singular cultural experience centered around the craftsmanship of agave spirits native to Mexico. Rooted in ancient tradition and housed in an elevated atmosphere, the Agave Study fully immerses you in curated tastings paired with local delicacies.

Neutral coffee lab
NEUTRAL Coffee Lab

Neutral Coffee Lab is an elevated coffee experience at its finest. With coffee varieties from around the world including a focus on local coffee communities, our guests experience culture-rich traditions in a nature-conscious, sustainable environment, learning the origins, methods, and people behind the beans. Our goal is to bring an elevated coffee experience to Los Cabos, that is intentional, well-made, and always respecting the coffee culture

Nurture nature – culinary weekend
Culinary Weekend

Join ‘Sustainable Chef’ Kim Alter as she takes familiar dishes to new heights with creative spins on the classics. Showcasing her commitment to technique, whole animal cookery, and support of local farms, guests will have the opportunity to nurture nature and taste fresh flavors this Earth Day.

Craveable mina, culinary weekend
Craveable Mina, Culinary Weekend
Culinary Weekend

Indulge in a culmination of global flavours and dramatic flair with Celebrity Chef, Michael Mina. Known for his award-winning restaurants around the world, guests are invited to experience Mina’s culinary philosophies, Middle Eastern heritage, and love for the American steakhouse under the Cabo sun. Make the most of your Unforgettable Weekend with this taste of Americana.. Special Guests also Diego José Ramos from Tequila Clase Azul and Edouard Maurisset Latour, Export Manager for Edouard – Delaunay Winery.

Where food meets fire – culinary weekend
Culinary Weekend

Experience barbecue legend Ronnie Killen’s famous smoked meats at Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal this Fourth of July. From a welcome cocktail party and beachside BBQ takeover to a private five-course pairing menu—prepare for culinary delights and attention to detail like you’ve never experienced before as this Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef brings Texas barbeque to Cabo.

Elevated flavors with nancy & nancy -culinary weekend
Culinary Weekend

Led by the ladies, this elevated culinary weekend invites attendees to indulge in new, magnificent flavors. Curating a unique menu, especially for our guests, Nancy Oakes and Nancy Silverstone will deliver a first-class culinary experience to our resort. Join us as we savor the amazing power of these two female chefs and the extraordinary dishes they create.

All Day

The best Los Cabos seafood with an unparalleled view of the sea. Perfect for indulging in the freshest ceviche, sushi, briny oysters, and cocktails while immersed in a glistening infinity pool that seems to flow into the horizon.

The beach club
All Day

Relaxed, comforting flavors presented with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean and the Pedregal Mountain

Private dining
All Day

Intimate and unforgettable, allow our chef to create a tailored menu inspired by the region, tucked away in a private setting.

Evening | Afternoon

Gather at Don Manuel’s bar prior to dinner for an extensive list of rare spirits from around Mexico, curated by our in-house mixologists. Nightly live music and light bites are the perfect way to start your evening.

Breakfast at don manuel’s
Breakfast at Don Manuel’s

Welcome the day like only Los Cabos can, with fresh juices and made-to-order huevos rancheros and chilaquiles, featuring mineral-rich, elemental colors and earthen, hacienda-style wares

Don manuel’s dinner
Don Manuel’s Dinner

The moon, the sea, & Mexican folk healing inspirations.

Experience deep renewal and transformative treatments at the ultimate Los Cabos spa. Reap the rejuvenating benefits of organic treatments inspired by the lunar cycle, the sea, and authentic Mexican folk healing. Waldorf Astoria Spa is a lagoon for guests to rest, rejuvenate, and tap into the lunar cycles, the sea, and the natural healing culture of Baja.

Explore Spa

Pedregal stands centered in all that is Los Cabos.

All of this awaits your arrival

This enviable location places you at the heart of Mexico’s most exciting experiences while tucking you a world away in a secluded retreat. From scuba diving and parasailing to horseback riding, there’s plenty to thrill the adventure seeker in you—or relax by the beach or pool while our attentive team caters to you. No matter what you desire, your Personal Concierge or private butler will anticipate and meet your every need.

Curated Stays

Individually chosen for your stay.

Indulge in longer stays, allow our renowned Waldorf Astoria concierge team to build a custom itinerary, and more ways to make the most of your time in the paradise of Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal.


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Unforgettable holidays
Unforgettable Holidays

There is nothing quite like the warmth of the holidays under the Cabo sun.

Culinary masters
Culinary Inquire
Culinary Masters

Join Robb Report and an incredible lineup of the culinary world’s Michelin-starred luminaries as we introduce our annual Culinary Masters experience to the paradise of Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal. Escape to the Mexican coastline for an unforgettable weekend of gourmet dining experiences, exquisite wine pairings, intimate culinary classes, and a friendly golf tournament with your favorite chefs.

Don Manuel´s