Our 5 Favorite Traditional Souvenirs

With the holidays quickly approaching, there’s no better time to shop for unique Mexican souvenirs. Whether you want to take a piece of Cabo San Lucas home or buy creative, inventive gifts for friends and family, the AlmArte gift boutique at The Resort at Pedregal has you covered. These are 5 of our favorite traditional souvenirs.

Huichol Tea Boxes

These pine-wood boxes are handmade by Huichol artisans in Jalisco, a western Mexican state fringing the Pacific Ocean. The Huichols are indigenous peoples—the original inhabitants of the mountains in northern Jalisco. The designs and patterns they create have cultural and religious significance, and are said to be inspired by visions had by medicine men during peyote rituals.


A bule is a Mexican plant, similar to a pumpkin. Throughout Mexico, they’ve traditionally served many purposes—from transporting liquids to making dancing rattles. Bules are also found in decorative forms, such as ornaments and jewelry boxes. Our bules are by Juan Vazquez, whose designs are inspired by the colorful landscapes of his hometown. He travels 9 hours to Mexico City to ship his pieces around the country, including to AlmArte gift boutique.

Otomi Embroidery

Otomi textiles take weeks or even years for the Otomi to embroider. The design is said to be based on a painting of a cliff in the Tepehua-Otomi mountains in central Mexico. Others say they’re inspired by ancient cave paintings. Symbols used in these embroideries range from animals and plants to abstract designs and mythological creatures.

Framed Amate Paper

Only a handful of artists continue to produce amate, a type of bark paper that has been produced since pre-Columbian times. Gerardo Trejo, an artist in Tonala, is one of the few who still make these beautiful papers, created from the bark of fig and mulberry plants, then framed with mahogany or seasoned pine.

Hand-Blown Glass Heart

Glassblowing is a long-cherished art form in Mexico. The very first glass pieces produced in North America were created in Puebla, in the 16th century. Hundreds of years later, the tools are still simple: Molten glass and a long, hollow pipe. Our hand-blown glass hearts are handcrafted and designed with love—the perfect gift to demonstrate your one-of-a-kind love.

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