All-Natural Wellness with Authentic Mexican Herbs at Luna y Mar Spa

Luna y Mar Spa at The Resort at the Pedregal is known for its luxurious services and pampering treatments, but did you know that our ingredients are all organic with natural healing properties? Our luxury spa in Cabo San Lucas proudly incorporates the Mexican folk healing tradition known as curanderismo as a nod to the culture of Baja California and greater Mexico, and our commitment to paving a natural path to wellness using the elements of the earth.

Using an array of herbs and ingredients indigenous to Mexico, the curanderas at Luna y Mar are able to provide effective organic treatments in many of our spa and salon offerings. Some highlights of the herbs used and their natural healing powers include:


Grown throughout the mountainous Oaxaca region of Mexico, the sage plant was once used by the Aztecs and Mazatec Indians for healing and divination. At Luna y Mar, sage is used in cleansing rituals to purify energy and connect guests with therapists on a physical and emotional level.

Common Rue

Derived from the Greek word reuo, meaning “to set free,” the common rue plant has been a staple among curanderos for its stimulating and purifying properties. In cleansing rituals at Luna y Mar spa, common rue is used to eliminate toxic energy and envy, while promoting positivity with free and clear energies.


Used for centuries as a memory enhancer, rosemary holds a special place among the ancient Mexican tradition of curanderismo as a romantic herb, incorporated into wedding and religious ceremonies. Our spa uses rosemary freely in treatments to promote mental clarity and relaxation.

Holy Basil

A powerful natural plant with antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory properties, holy basil is also used extensively as a natural anxiety reliever. The fragrant holy basil plant enhances moods by promoting peak body functioning in stressful times and is used in our luxury spa as an organic and aromatic relaxing agent.

See how our special herb blends and other all-natural spa treatments can help enhance your wellness during your stay in Cabo San Lucas.