Stories of Pedregal: Christmas Tree Decorations at The Resort

The 2016 holiday season in Mexico brought with it a unique take on Christmas tree decorations at The Resort at Pedregal. With the resort grounds immaculately groomed with palm trees, lush lawns, and distinctive torote trees year-round, Christmas in Cabo San Lucas lends an exciting opportunity to showcase this shrubbery in a festive way.

This year at The Resort at Pedregal, our torote trees were decked for Christmas in decorations inspired by the children of Mexico. The dazzling light and décor displays evoked the emotion of Christmas morning and the whimsy of youth, against the classic landscape of the Pedregal oceanfront.

Each torote tree was elegantly outfitted and inspired by one of the following themes:

“Marias” Dolls

The bright and colorful dress of these traditional dolls representing the indigenous Mazahua women throughout Mexico make them perfect Christmas adornments for the trees at The Resort at Pedregal. Each handmade Marias doll is outfitted in vibrant ribbons, linens, and lace, reflecting the enthusiastic passion and dedication of the Mazahua.

Traditional Wooden Toys

Representative of traditional Mexican kids’ culture, these wooden toys soared to the height of their popularity in the 1900s when they were mass-produced and used by children of all ages in Mexico and beyond. Since then, wooden toys in Mexico have become emblematic of artisans’ woodworking and handcrafting skills, with a distinctive place in Mexican museums where the tradition of wooden toys is preserved. These wooden toys, including balero, trompo, and escalerita, are representations of past and future in Mexico.


Perhaps the most well-known Mexican children’s figure, the piñata remains a prominent symbol at parties to this day. Introduced as an Aztec tradition at birthday ceremonies and later evolving to use in catechism, the piñata today is a bright and vibrant celebration of youth and the young-at-heart.

Paper Animal Toys

First introduced in Mexico in the late 19th Century as part of Catholic celebrations and festivities, these paper animal figurines become traditional gifts for children during Epiphany, or Three Kings’ Day. Typically fashioned from paper, paint, and glue, paper animal toys come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Sea Turtles

The inspiration for our logo and an iconic inhabitant of Cabo San Lucas’ beaches, the sea turtle is symbolic of strength, endurance, longevity and good fortune. Loved by both adults and children alike, the sea turtle is a fixture at The Resort at Pedregal and the perfect representation of all of the resort’s values. As one of the top family destinations in Cabo San Lucas, The Resort at Pedregal names its kids’ club after the baby sea turtle, Tortugitas, as a symbol of our commitment to ensuring a memorable visit to Mexico for guests of all ages.

See our vibrant Christmas-themed trees below and start planning your stay in Cabo San Lucas for the 2017 holiday season to experience it all for yourself.